About Me

imageSherri is a Certified Thermographic Technician and has a lab in Tillamook to perform medical thermography for breast scans, torso scans or full body scans. Her interest in finding and reducing inflammation through bodywork has lead to using medical thermography as a tool to view the health of the body and help clients find a place to start with a health care plan.

She believes that if clients have a personal medical scan that can show inflammation, it will inspire more healthly choices and will help all healthcare practitioners work with each client more efficiently. The doctors, therapists and dentists can all use the thermography scan as a tool for health care assessment, health plans for improvement and a base for future health scans.

Breast cancer runs on both sides of Sherri's family so early detection is important. Her preference is prevention through thermography but supports each clients decisions for preferred health care. Sherri would love to work with families and groups to get preventative health scans and avoid unexpected surprises. Prevention is best!

imageSherri, Licensced Massage Therapist, attended East-West College of the Healings Arts in Portland, Oregon where she received her professional massage therapists license in 2009. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, thrives on continuing education, and works closely with a team of Health Care Providers locally and across the country to coordinate client/patient care.

The techniques she uses will depend on how your body tissues feel including muscle and fascia, emotional or stress level, mechanical function, range of motion and/or restrictions in movement of all tissues of the body including craniosacral system, viscera (organs) and muscle and joint.

Sherri's massage or bodywork is influenced by education received in the following manual therapy modalities. Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Emotional Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, Muscle Energy Technique, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Total Body Balancing, Deep Tissue and Berry Method Joint work for the hands, shoulders, pelvis and knees.

Sherri tunes into her intuitive "palpation listening" skills through her hands, with special training in "listening" to body's rhythms to find restrictions in the body and to help provide a release in the tissues to create better blood flow, oxygen and energy to the areas of concern.

imageEssentiallly, she is following what is already happening deep inside the body as the inner physician guides the work through waves of ebb and flow to balance and relieve us of our stress, pain and trauma.

She believes stiffness, pain and distress are often due to inflammation and can be reduced with a balanced lifestyle through regular bodywork, diet and exercise, chiropractic, accupuncture, detox, natural health care. We have a team of healthcare practitioners here to help get you started.

Sherri has lived on the Oregon coast for more than 20 years and currently enjoys living in Cape Meares/Tillamook. Outside of work she enjoys the beach, all of Oregon's natural beauty, traveling abroad, hot springs, sunshine, creating artwork, helping other people and also helping animals feel better with bodywork.

To set up an appointment or for referrals, please call or text (503) 812-1152 or e-mail sherriburdicklmt@gmail.com.