Welcome to my studio in Cape Meares on the Oregon Coast. It is my pleasure to invite you to experience the beauty of our coastline when you visit for your massage, bodywork or medical thermography appointment. 

Like so many other systems in nature, our bodies communicate through palpable rhythms or ebb and flow far beneath the musculature structure. Daily life and unexpected emotional stress, accidents or trauma, toxins, nutritional imbalance, dehydration and lack of movement can all lead to an imbalance in these systems and make it a little more difficult to function at our best. 

Our nervous system can be calmed or "reset" by finding areas of tension and releasing them through the body's natural internal unwinding process. It's different from Swedish massage and is very specific to addressing your current aches and pains as well as tightness or tension from an old accident, injury or life trauma.  

Every massage/bodywork session includes a combination of therapies including work in the abdomen to help improve overall health. Sometimes the hamstrings need more attention than the neck and shoulders. But we need our digestive, lymphatic and other systems to work hard for us 24/7. 

My bodywork is designed to find and reduce areas of inflammation that cause dysfunction and pain. Head, neck, back, shoulders, hips and knees get lots of attention, but there is so much more contributing to the health of the entire body! Fortunately immediate relief of symptoms are most generally achieved in addition to all of the preventative care being addressed during each session.